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Lanting Orchid Pavilion

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I had heard of the Orchid Pavilion, which is in Shaoxing, but had been unable to find out where it was, or how I would get there. Eventually I found a student, S, who was able to take me. She did some research to find out how to get there, as she had never been before. We caught a bus in to the city centre from the college – and made our way to a bus stop near the City Square, on Shengli Lu (Shengli Road) to catch Bus No 3, or 303 to Lanting.

The bus travels through very interesting scenery – old China and new developments reveal themselves along the journey which costs 3 Yuan.

The journey takes about 25 minutes, and if you tell the bus driver/conductor that you want to go to Lanting/Orchid Pavilion they will tell you. You will find that many passengers on the bus are keen to help Westerners too.

The entry fee is 40 Yuan per person, and you will find the Ticket office easy to find. There is Chinese and English information throughout the park – giving explanation of the historic value of this magnificent place. There are several small concessions to purchase items of calligraphy – and you can watch artists at work.

The site commemorates an event in the year 353 when 42 people met to write poetry and enjoy life. It is said that they drank wine, and sitting along the little creek, and as their cups of wine floated in the water of the creek, the men sat on stones and created poetry which was written in calligraphy.

Apparently if a cup of wine came near one of the men, he was required to pick up the cup, drink the wine and create a poem. It is said that 26 of the men created 37 poems at that time.

The park itself is beautiful with temples, a river, several pavilions, beautiful bamboo groves, the Calligraphy Museum, several ponds, including the Goose Pond where a small flock of white geese guard their territory.

The park is well signposted, and many tourists visit. On the way out, a beautiful old village with shops beg the visitor to purchase souvenirs or food.

Allow 3 – 4 hours to see this park.

Bus No 3, or 303 travels back to Shaoxing on a regular basis from the bus stop opposite the entry.Photos_May_08_246.jpg

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Scenic Spots in/near the city of ShaoXing.

As I have said, one of the problems here is the language - in Shanghai, Ningbo, and Hangzhou there is much more English information for the traveller. Here it is like it is a secret. I've been bogged down with the flu, and computer problems so have not been able to tour very much or write, but this week I start on some more adventures. My four and a half months here is quickly coming to an end, so I must catch up.

I have decided that I must have a Chinese student with me - so that means (despite their protestations!) that I must pay for them. So I need to have the funds to not only pay their fares, their entrance ticket and some food.

I have visited some local tourist (Scenic Spots) and in the next few weeks I shall visit some more. So I will be able to add photos and information.

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Help from another direction

My own tour guide?

I just happened to meet someone in the Government a few weeks ago, and consequently have networked to find a lovely young Chinese girl, who is very familiar with the local tourist spots.

So, perhaps, I can get some good information about the city to share with readers. It is a wonderful city with so many places to see. But it is acknowledged by quite a few people that I have spoken to, that there is little information - and nothing in English.

I have visited the Tourist Office and there were NO BROCHURES at all - and certainly nothing in English. When I asked for maps or other information there wasn't any.

When I visited Hangzhou there was a really good map (in English), and there is a good magazine which is especially for the local English speakers who live in the area, but with good information about tourist spots, and restaurants. Ningbo - another city locally - also has good material for English speakers. Shaoxing? Nothing.

I have a number of friends who are working here - and we all find it difficult to get around - so we would appreciate more information in English.

Maybe between the students, my new friend, and my English speaking friends, we can put together some information.

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I am here in Shaoxing for four and a half months teaching English at a college here. I am quite an adventurer, and keen to see as much of Shaoxing and China that I can.

I have already found it frustrating to deal with the language barrier - I haven't found any information about local tourist spots that will help me get to them. Many are listed on the Shaoxing website, but I do not know where they are or how to get to them, or their opening hours, or anything else.

With the help of my students I hope to put together information that will be of benefit to English speakers visiting Shaoxing.

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